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Some of the services provided by HOSMED SERVICES:

1. Design, Supply and Installation of Medical Gas Systems.
2. Design, Supply and Installation of Laboratory Gas Systems.
3. Design, Supply and Installation of Dental Gas Systems.
4. Design, Supply and Installation of Industrial Gas Systems.
5. Design, Supply and Installation of Compressed Air Systems.
6. Design, Supply and Installaton of LPG and Natural Gas Systems.
7. Spare Parts and Maintenance service of Medical, Laboratory and Industrial Gas Systems.
8. Gas System Equipment Sales and Servicing.
9. Oxygen / Acetylene equipment Compliance checking and testing.
10. Flashback Arrestor checking and testing.

Recent and current installation projects include:

-University of Queensland Institute of Molecular Biosciences
-University of Queensland Chemistry Building
-University of Queensland AIBN Laboratories
-Royal Brisbane Hospital Block 7 Laboratories
-Queensland Institute of Medical Research Laboratories
-Queensland Bone Bank Laboratories
-Griffith University Medical & Oral Health Facility
-Townsville Hospital
-Logan Hospital
-Mater Children’s Hospital
-Mater Mothers / Adult Hospitals Redevelopment
-Royal Brisbane Hospital West Block
-University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research
-Qantas Heavy Maintenance Hangar
-MRTT Amberley Hangar


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HOSMED SERVICES39 Matheson Street Virginia QLD 4014, Australia

Ph: 61 7 3265 2227 | Fax: 61 7 3265 4447 | hosmed@hosmed.com.au

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